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About us

The company “Halite-expert” was created in July 2003 to provide services in the field of power saving and increase of efficiency of fuel and power resources in the process of their extraction, generation, transmission (transport) and consumption by enterprises of the fuel and energy complex, industrial  enterprises, construction organizations and communal services.

The company possesses all necessary licenses, certifications and diplomas and is ready to offer the full complex of works and services – from power inspection, elaboration of the energy passport and Power saving programs to implementation of power efficiency measures.

The company’s staff has been trained in science and technical centers and in certified educational institutions of Moscow, Ivanovo, Yekaterinburg as well, and is authorized to carry out power inspection, expertise and diagnostics all over Russia, possesses great  practical experience and high efficiency.

Our instrumental base is well equipped with all necessary equipment to carry out any instrumental measurements during an inspection.

The company is proud of its high-class specialists of various specialties: engineers (electricians, heat-technicians), designers, ecologists, economists, inspectors, experts, who can easily make the complex expert opinion on the objects and on the problems of utilization of fuel and power resources in the process of activity of fuel and power enterprises, industrial companies and housing and communal services.

The information about the company is published in the 18th issue of the European informational guide “Who is who”.

Power resources to a large extent determine the economical situation in the modern world. Solving the problem of power saving and power efficiency has become one of the priority areas of activity. For many branches of the Russian industry the power component of cost price and the energy intensity of production is one of the main factors of competitiveness. Rationalization of power consumption and energy costs is one of the most efficient and easy ways of successful development.

The company possesses great experience in power inspection. Our specialists keep themselves informed about all innovations in power industry and use the acquired knowledge in their work. The analyses of power resources utilization on your manufacture would assist to make it power-efficient. If necessary we can prepare feasibility study on the basis of the activities of your enterprise. We possess great experience of calculations in power industry, rational utilization of fuel and power resources, increase of power, heat and gas consumption level, decrease of process losses. The company’s specialists are ready to offer you the power efficiency program that will allow more rational utilization of power resources on your enterprise.

Power resources are used on every industrial production, in agriculture, in construction industry and in housing and communal services; they are consumed in the process of fuel, heat and power transmission and make a significant part of expenses. In this respect power saving and increase in power efficiency of the present-day production is of primary importance.

In the field of heat power industry we carry out expert examination of specific fuel rates, fuel stores and we make calculation of heat power transmission tariffs.   

We use the international experience in this field and put it into practice. The problems of utilization of boiler and furnace fuels, fuel gas and other fuel types - where there is a great power saving potential - are of prime importance.

All the above mentioned - and many other things - are the components of the fuel and power balance and we shall assist you to make this balance optimal. Also we make various types of calculation and expert examination of tariffs on electric and heat power transmission and norms of process losses throughout the power industry using the method of invested capital as well.  

Performance of all kinds of services is certified in accordance with requirements of the National standard ISO 9001-2008, ISO 14001 and the National standard 12.0.230-2007 (OHSAS 18001).

We pay much attention to the problems of ecology and utilization of secondary energy resources that plays the key role in the present-day production. We possess basic methods of solving economical and technical problems that appear in the process of activity of enterprises of the power industry at the market economy conditions, with the aim of achieving the best results in the production and economic activities at least expenses on power resources.

If you want to increase the power efficiency of your enterprise we shall assist you in that professionally!   

Energy Strategy of Russia

The aim of the state in the sphere of power saving is strict and absolute achievement of selected strategic guiding lines of power efficiency growth - using the wide range of regulating and stimulating means of influence on power resources consumers.

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