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Halite expert was accredited:

  • As the power auditor in the State power inspection of the Republic of Tatarstan (license № 17-21) for the examination of the heating systems, places of production of the heating and electric power, industrial enterprises, in agroindustrial complex, gas pipe-lines.
  • As the power auditor in RAO "UES of Russia" ( license № AA1111001) for the production of the power examination in enterprises and energy objects of RAO "UES of Russia", including heat power stations, boilers, hydraulic power stations, heating systems.
  • As the power auditor in Gazprom ( license №2/123450-09) for the production of the power examinations for well-boring, mining, transporting, processing and gas subsurface storage.
  • As the expert organization in Federal energy commission of Russia.

Energy strategy of Russia

The aim of the state in the sphere of power saving is strict and absolute achievement of selected strategic guiding lines of power efficiency growth - using the wide range of regulating and stimulating means of influence on power resources consumers.

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