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The company "Halite-expert" is glad to welcome you on its web-site and offers here a brief review about the company and the services it provides.

Halite-expert is a dynamically developing company that offers a wide range of services for enterprises of different branches of the fuel and energy complex of Russia, for industrial enterprises, for housing and communal services.

The main goal for the period until 2013 is to take part in execution of the tasks determined by the Federal law №261-FZ, as well as power saving and increase of the power efficiency, energy inspection, drafting of energy passports and planning of power saving measures, elaboration of complex power efficiency increase programs for organizations and industrial enterprises and hereafter – participation in their realization.

We also offer feasibility study and business plans for capital investment in implementation of new technologies of production and transmission of electric and heat power.

Alongside with the most actual tasks which are to reduce power consumption of production, to make the use of energy resources and realization of power saving potential more efficient, there are problems not less actual concerning reduction of expenses, increase in management efficiency, reduction of wastes release, ecology control and ecological safety, reduction of loss of fuel and energy resources in the process of their generation, transmission (transport) and use.

In the field of construction, housing and communal services the company gives assistance in engineering of buildings and constructions of the 1st and the 2nd levels of responsibility with regard to power supply systems, testing and commissioning of electric power systems and source nodes, expert examination of economic feasibility of rates on goods and services accounted in payments for housing and communal services.

Creation of the automated power resources accounting system is among the most important tasks.

Our efforts are directed also to performing calculations and expert examination of the following: norms of process losses of power resources in the course of transmission (transport), specific fuel consumption in the process of electric and heat power generation, norms of fuel reserves for enterprises of all branches of production.

The range of services we provide includes also calculations and expert examination of power resources purchase and transmission (transport) rates, analysis of contracts and systems of existing electric and heat power rates, expert examination of calculation of fuel reserves norms, norms of specific fuel consumption on electric and heat power supplied, norms of process losses in the course of electric and heat power transmission, feasibility study of alternative resources of heat and power supply, and others.

Speaking about the company’s services we may not but mention financial audit, real property appraisal, facilities appraisal and business appraisal.

The company “Halite-expert” is a member of various non-profit organizations and is rewarded with a number of diplomas and awards. It takes active part in social life of Russia and in various Federal and regional programs as well.   

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Новости индустрии
2010 В период 2011-2015 гг. Московская объединенная электросетевая компания планирует провести ряд мероприятий в области энергосбережения и повышения энергоэффективности, эффект экономии от которых составит 5,1 млрд. рублей. подробнее...

2010 Минэнерго утвердило схему и программу развития Единой энергосистемы России на период с 2010 по 2016 год. подробнее...

2010 Цены на нефть не хотят корректироваться. Хотя все эксперты предсказывали ценам на нефть начало коррекции, те упорно лезу вверх. Правда, за последний месяц они уже достигали отметки в $80 за баррель, но так же быстро спускались назад. подробнее...

Energy Strategy of Russia

The aim of the state in the sphere of power saving is strict and absolute achievement of selected strategic guiding lines of power efficiency growth - using the wide range of regulating and stimulating means of influence on power resources consumers.

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